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Lil Dee began rapping at the age of 10. But it wasn’t until he was 11, when people began noticing his immense talent.

With much support and encouragement from his parents, he uses rap as a platform to express himself, and is always trying to get better.

Inspired by old school rap and classic soul music, Lil Dee’s style and sound is a throwback to when hip hop was about making great music, and not just trying to copy a certain sound.

After posting some videos on instagram, he discovered “Cypher-circuit”, a group of MC's and producers who love hip hop. Through the weekly murder the beat challenge, his skills and popularity began to grow.

He was then invited to their yearly Cypher in Philadelphia where Lil Dee shined and made a name for himself by starting off the Cypher with an incredible verse. Lil Dee, whose real name is Daniel James is from Coney Island, Brooklyn. He is now working on his first mix tape and booking shows. Lil Dee’s just getting started, and you’ll agree that he’s “HOTFIYA”…….

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